focus group in progressWe conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups.


Some examples of past projects for research, books, documentary films, and radio programs include the following:


– For Research:


Oakland Artists Survey for Pro Arts, Oakland, California – Used survey questions and responses from subjects to develop guidelines for further in-depth interviews.

Foote, Cone & Belding Advertising – New York and San Francisco.Developed questions and guidelines for focus groups.

Pet Speaker Product Study, Oakland, California – Conducted interviews with consumers and pet store owners to assess the market for a product based on a new technology in human-animal communication


– For Books:


Personal Ethics Study, published as Making Ethical Choices, Resolving Ethical Dilemmas by Paragon.  Conducted study with two dozen participants to learn how individuals differ in their ethical systems and use them to make choices and resolve conflicts in their life.


– For Documentary Films:



Middle Class Homeless – Families in Trouble

Middle Class Homeless – The Crisis

The Truth About Lying

Pet Mania

What Kind of Dog Are You? Documentary


– For Radio Programs

Changemakers Radio, Oakland and San Francisco – Conducted in-depth interviews about current social issues and changes in lifestyles and technology (